Are you feeling stressed burned out, and overwhelmed?

Do you have a never-ending to-do list?

Feel like you’re spinning out of control in the chaos?


I teach corporate professionals how to use the Power of Chaos

to become powerful leaders who can take on ANYTHING.

The tools I teach pack a strong punch in a short time.

Some take as little as 10 seconds to produce results.

By using these tools you can expect to see results like

– Live 10 years longer

– Be 3 times more creative and happier

– Perform 30% better

– Sell 37% more

Happiness/wellness = performance/success in your Internal Operating System

Learn to not only build trust in your employees but show up for staff

so they have trust in you.


I’m Jothi Dugar and I help corporate leaders and their teams with achieving corporate leaders and their teams with achieving health, balance, and peace that they need in all walks of life to not only survive, but thrive in the chaos. If you’re ready to transform your life and the lives of others, book a Chaos Clarity Call with me today.

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Wellness for Tech

I’m happy to share that I’m starting a new position as IDCA Podcast Host – Wellness for Tech at IDCA – International Data Center Authority!

Chaos Loves You So Let’s Love It Back

I am excited to announce my first solo book, Chaos Loves You So Let’s Love it Back.

Does chaos seem to follow you around wherever you go? Have you tried ignoring it, telling it to go away, pushing it toward someone else, or hiding from it? Chaos sure seems to love all of us, even the best of us, so why not love it back? Chaos Loves You presents a new approach for those distressed or overwhelmed by the chaos of life that uses short and simple micro techniques that have a massive impact on your mind-body-energy. By coming to understand the good, bad and ugly types of chaos, you will discover powerful and effective ways to harness chaos as your superpower, instead of running away from it. Learn how to thrive in the chaos of your busy life and transform from within using techniques and tools that only take a few minutes to do.

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Join a new generation of leaders in the corporate or business setting who are feeling lost in managing their chaos in their own lives and in the workplace setting given that the “new norm” is shifting to a remote workplace or hybrid setting.

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