Are you feeling stressed burned out, and overwhelmed?

Do you have a never-ending to-do list?

Feel like you’re spinning out of control in the chaos?


I teach corporate professionals how to use the Power of Chaos

to become powerful leaders who can take on ANYTHING.

The tools I teach pack a strong punch in a short time.

Some take as little as 10 seconds to produce results.

By using these tools you can expect to see results like

– Live 10 years longer

– Be 3 times more creative and happier

– Perform 30% better

– Sell 37% more

Happiness/wellness = performance/success in your Internal Operating System

Learn to not only build trust in your employees but show up for staff

so they have trust in you.


I’m Jothi Dugar and I help corporate leaders and their teams with achieving corporate leaders and their teams with achieving health, balance, and peace that they need in all walks of life to not only survive, but thrive in the chaos. If you’re ready to transform your life and the lives of others, book a Chaos Clarity Call with me today.

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See What Jothi’s Clients are Saying:

Jothi is a very compassionate and positive person. She truly cares about people and will be your biggest cheerleader. She has helped guide me with my mental well-being while struggling with chronic pain. 

P. Goel

What makes Jothi so special is that she is blessed with both passion and compassion and will make time for you no matter how busy she is. Being a health care provider myself, I consider myself lucky to work with such a rare, knowledgeable gem! 

M. Singh

The power of energetic healing has always been on my mind and I am now ready to learn it for myself – Jothi has convinced me with her successful examples. 

N. Gabitova

This was an amazing experience. 

Carleen A.

I like the very practical techniques and already put them to work yesterday. 

Janet V.

Thank you…I definitely felt some healing, peacefulness, and calmness. I’ll be looking into meditation classes. 

Dipti P.

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