I am the Chief Information Security Officer (CISOs) in the Federal Government, and being one of a small handful of female CISOs across the globe, I strive to empower and inspire Diversity to include women in Cyber and Technology by speaking globally on this topic and leading the path for more females in the younger generation to follow. I constantly look for ways to empower women and young girls to take charge of their lives, careers, and health by mentoring, coaching, and inspiring them.

After overcoming a personal health journey after the birth of my third baby, I learned to take charge of my body and my health in my own way. I healed myself naturally and completely through holistic and integrative health therapies to the surprise of medical professionals who had insisted on intrusive surgical procedures and treatments. Through this experience, I learned that taking my health and wellness into my hands and understanding the mind-body-energy connection was crucial to living in wellness. I undertook extensive training and certifications in various natural healing techniques and practices, and started Power of Healing 360 to help people understand how to take control over their health, wellness, and life.

Outside of my career as a CISO, and my life’s true mission to help people across the globe to live a fulfilled and happy life in wellness, my passion in life is dance. I have been a dancer my whole life and love expressing myself freely and confidently through the performing arts. Being the Founder and Director of BollyNatyam Masala Dance Company in the Northern Virginia region, I take great pride in not only teaching unique and innovative styles of dance, but also in coaching our young generation in mindfullness, yoga, meditation, and in giving back to the community by helping those in need.