Optimal Wellness; How Women Can Have it All with Jothi Dugar

EPISODE SUMMARY: Jothi Dugar is a Multidimensional Executive, Entrepreneur, Dance Director, Chief Information Security Officer, Holistic Health & Wellness Practitioner, Author, International Public Speaker, AND a happily married mom of three. A trailblazer and pioneer in the field of healthcare cybersecurity, and one of just a handful of leading Female Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) in the world, she is truly passionate about empowering women to face their fears, build confidence in themselves, and break the glass ceiling. Jothi is a highly sought after international public speaker on a variety of topics, author, mentor, and health and wellness life [...]

Purpose of Life vs Being Purposeful

In this modern day and age of hustle and bustle where being busy and living a hectic lifestyle not only seems to be considered the “norm” but also seems mandatory if you want to fit in with the “cool kids”. No matter who you ask, the standard answer to “How are you?” is met with “Doing good, I’m soooo busy!” as if being busy was just something you had to be to show that you have a purpose for everything you’re doing, or you’r living your purpose which therefore keeps you busy. Which one is it for you? Are [...]

Overwhelmed or Fulfilled? That’s the Question.

Often, when people ask me how I have the time to do everything that I am doing in my life, they immediately tend to follow up with something like "Oh, you must have help at home or a big team that takes care of things at work for you." I find it interesting that if I give people a simple response such as "I do what I dream, and I dream what I do." they look at me as if I am from another world or like it really can’t be that easy. Almost always they then resort to making [...]

Motion Affect Your E-motion

Have you ever felt stuck on a problem all day or upset over something—even something trivial—that didn't go your way? How much time do you spend rehashing those some thoughts over and over again in your mind, reflecting on all the negative things until they dominate your outlook and drain your energy and productivity for the rest ofthe day? The saying "when it rains, it pours" applies to such cycles of negativity. The more we focus on what we don't have or what annoys us or other kinds of negative thoughts, the more they start building up and crowding [...]

Mindfulness in the Workplace – Part1

What is “mindfulness”and how does it relate to me and my job? Is this yet another gimmick or fadcatching attention in the IT industry? It sounds too “woo woo”—it must be for those yogi people out there, not for an IT organization. Do these thoughts sound familiar to you? Well, let’s drop our resistance to changing our mindset and take a deep breath through your nose, hold it for a count of three, and let it out. Do this three times and think to yourself, what kind of day do I want to have today? How do I want [...]

Mindfulness in the Workplace – Part2

10 Ways to Incorporate Mindfulness at Work We all face some level of the daily stress and fatigue in our work life—that’s where the practice of being mindful and the power of your mind come in to help youstay positive, energized, and productive. 1. Adopt a Growth Mindset–People with a fixed mindset believe that their basic qualities, such as their intelligence and talents, are fixed traits. Instead of developing these qualities, they spend their time hoping their traits will lead to success. Mindfulness is about adopting a growth mindset. That means giving attention to the present moment and not [...]